In Slightly Annoying Traffic you have to prevent crashes. You can stop and start cars by clicking on them.

NOTE: The exe version will maybe run better on your computer and is able to display the game with better graphics. The leaderboard is not working in the browser version.

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Published Dec 03, 2017
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
TagsLudum Dare 40
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By far the biggest problem I have with this game is cars that come from the top right (especially in the right lane) while the train is crossing. I have to just sit there with my mouse to make sure to stop those cars from hitting the train, which means I can't do anything else on the screen. Half of my games I lose this way. I need either a little more space to see where they're coming from, or for this to switch to right hand drive (or put the train track over the top left road, which allows a longer incoming lane to be seen on the screen) so at least there is a longer lane to see them coming into the intersection. There is about one car length of road there, which isn't enough time to see the car and stop it before it hits the train.

The other major complaint I have is that sometimes police cars hit the train. I can't stop either, so am I just doomed to lose when that combination comes up with the wrong timing?

If you play the game on full screen, it should be possible to see cars on the top right. 

I already tried to deactivate the spawning of policecars, while a train is on the map. But policecars can spawn before the trains spawn. But I think I have a solution for this problem and I will update the game soon.

This turned out to be the biggest challenge I did with my YouTube buddies. Not only did a lot of people participate, but the challenge was real...

This is great! Really damn hard but great :p

This was a really fun game- I could have spent hours trying to get the best score possible! But I think it's better for my sanity if I resist that urge. >.>

this is the first time I buy a game but men I am soo happy I did I love it

good game

Love it. Simply and fun

Great game